What’s Your Story?

In John 3:1-15, a man named Nicodemus met Jesus, and his life story was changed. Another aspect of this meeting that we dare not overlook is that everyone who meets Jesus, like Nicodemus, has a story, and every story is significant and unique. I have told my own experience below as another example of how one person’s meeting can be very different from another’s.

I was born on the wrong side of town, as most would say, to parents who had no interest in God.  I lived the majority of my life for my pleasure. But God took those three strikes against me and turned them into a homerun in my life.

The wrong side of town, for me, was where we had NO public water…what the people in town called, with disdain, the country.  Our house looked like a picture from Tobacco Road , a small, wood-framed house with a front porch that leaned to the right. But even then, God was working in my life and providing a way for me to be drawn to Him.

My parents did not have an interest in God, but my grandmother did. She would gather all ten of us grandchildren and take us to a small mission church in walking distance from her house.  My parents divorced while I was still in grade school, and I moved away from my grandmother and away from church.

I grew up, got married, and found myself in California living what I thought was the good life. New house, new cars, fashionable clothes, expensive jewelry, and lots of friends and parties. There was no room for God in my life.

Fast forward, if you will, to the year 1991. Frankly, I was bored. I needed somewhere new to go because we had moved to Texas. Oh my goodness, back to the country. I needed to make new friends.  Once again, I found myself in church. Though my husband and I ended up attending that church for about six months,  I did not really belong to the family of God. It was not that I did not believe there was a God. It was just that I was busy with living.

One Sunday I was sitting in the fifth row on the right side of the sanctuary just trying to fit in with the rest of the people. But God had not forgotten  me.  He was not too busy. Not at all. It was just the opposite. God had watched over me and knew the hour, the day, and the year I would turn to Him. That Sunday in 1991 was my time. As I sat there, I felt a stirring in my heart and nothing could hold me in my seat. I stepped out into the aisle and moved quickly to the front of the church. With big tears rolling down my face, I received Jesus into my life. Yes, the Holy Spirit had called me, and I answered. As I turned to my right, I saw my sweet husband standing next to me. The very next Sunday, my husband and I were baptized together into the family of God. Our whole life changed. Now it is your turn.

  • Spend a few minutes writing your story of how you met Jesus. Remember, this is your story and each person’s story is significant because it originated with God.
  • Ask God to give you the opportunity to share your story.

You are loved,

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  1. Michelle says:

    My story….. As a young girl my family didn’t attend church, other than the occasional time with my great grandma or Christmas Eve mass with my dads mother. We moved from California to Oklahoma and for some reason my mom decided it was time for us to find a church home. We went, we got baptized and did everything like we were supposed to as church people, but for me there wasn’t that connection. I got married and life was too busy for church. My husband’s maternal grand father and his wife found us. As we got to know them, I knew that was how I wanted us to be. We finally decided we needed to find a church home. We had no idea where to start. My friend, Ashley, invited us to her brand new church. She said we would love it. I asked my husbands grandma her opinion. She said go three to four times, don’t decided based on one experience. We finally went to this new church, Echo Church. We have been going for 9 months or so. We have grandma’s approval, and we have found a great place to call our church home. We are still learning but we have many great people along the road to help us get there. Thank you grandma and Ashely!!

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