The Recovery Road

Do you have a place where you go just to regroup? You know what I mean? A place to collect your thoughts and possibly work through a problem or seek direction in a decision that you need to make? Everyone needs such a place. I call my place The Recovery Road. The road you see in the picture is the actual road where I walk…where the Lord helps me to regroup and recover from what is going on in my life. I have met Him there so many times and together we have worked out some huge issues in my life. This road has also been a place for me to take those women who come to me seeking recovery from hurts, failures, grief and needing to find the Lord.

When I stopped to take this picture, an amazing thing happened. I noticed how the tress had grown from little random trees along the way to tall and full trees providing shelter from the outside elements. This got me to thinking about the woman who walked this road with me when I was young in the faith. She provided a shelter for me until I could become strong in the Lord. At that time, we didn’t know she was discipling me. It just came naturally. I can remember as if it as if it were yesterday. She said, “To keep growing in the Lord, you will need to keep giving Him away.” She gave me so much of her Lord that I reached a point where I was strong enough to make it on my own.

My friend and I have stayed in touch and I love to talk with her about the deep things God has been revealing to me about my hurts and failures and how I know I will always follow Him because she took the time to invest in me on this road. That is what discipleship is all about – walking with another woman and giving your Lord away. There are many who need and want you to invest in them.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Love the picture of the recovery road–and the growth of the trees just parallels the growth of your ministry to others. I’ve heard you mention meeting with God on your daily walks, but appreciate having a mental picture now of the actual road where the two of you commune. This story gives me a basis for understanding how you can be so good at drawing those of us who are wounded to your God and helping Him shelter us. Thank you for being so generous and gracious in sharing the Lord!

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