Playing It Safe Is Risky Business

Flying at 30,000 feet and the destination was Colorado Springs. I was trying to block out what was going on around me so to really get into the book that I was trying to read. If you fly very much you know that can be a real challenge. Then in my spirit loud and clear I heard, change your message. I began to scribble on the back of my travel itinerary every thing the Holy Spirit was telling me. I changed my message and God moved in a big way.

I lost count of the women who came up to me after I spoke to let me know how God had used the message in their life. Then I got home and received this email below.

“My name is …… and I just wanted to tell you that on Wednesday when you were at 30,000 feet hearing God ask you to change your message for the Women Reaching Women conference in Colorado Springs, I was also at 30,000 feet praying that God would have a special word just for me. I know that message was for me. God has blessed me with amazing mentors, bible study opportunities and training. I have used these tools to serve, but I’ve been serving at arm’s length. With God’s help, I will strive to jump into the chaos, risk being hurt and find a whole new depth of joy. Thank you for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading and obedient to His call. Sorry I didn’t pray a little earlier!”

What an awesome loving God we serve!

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  1. Kathy says:

    Don’t you love it when God works in such a way that we know it absolutely MUST be His work? I’m always surprised by what some of my friends and I call “God-incidence,” and usually find myself laughing out loud! I’m so glad you were obedient to the Spirit!

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