Building Successful Teams – Part IV

TeamThis last post will be the most challenging for me to write and not just break down like a little girl and cry. Most would look at this and think of the LifeWay Women’s Ministry Team as being a prestigious team to serve on. Although this team reaches thousands of women, it is beyond a doubt composed of the most unassuming group of ladies I have ever served with. That can be traced back to the leadership of Chris Adams, and her heart for serving the Lord. I have been a member of her team for about fourteen years, and I have learned much from her. One key element of her success is affording each team member the opportunity to teach what is the closest to her heart In addition, we are blessed to have many wonderful resources from LifeWay to assist in our spiritual growth.

The goal is serving churches in their mission of making disciples. To accomplish this, LifeWay offers events, training, and written material for all ages. As I look back to the time when I first started on the team, I realize that then I could keep up with everything written for women and study each one. Now, because of the increase in the number of materials available for women, I have to pick and choose. That speaks of God’s blessing!

The value of knowing about such a team lies in the fact that it is a way to connect with all denominations through training and events. It will aid you in gaining fresh ideas for your women’s ministry, and encourage you by allowing you to associate with like-minded women.

Finding a team like this to serve on can only be accomplished as you pray and ask God if this is His plan for your life, and if it is, allow Him bring it about. I say this with humility knowing that each team I was privileged to lead or be part of, God brought my way. I did not have to make my own way. There are many teams like this in God’s Kingdom. Find your sweet spot and give it your very best.

Keeping your team together and moving forward occurs as you give each member the time to express ideas. Every idea needs to be heard with an open mind. Of course the understanding must be that as the leader, you will make the final decision. Be prepared and bring your best to the meeting. Pray much, play together, and remember to be sure your team members know that they are loved and appreciated.

In closing, I want to share information with you about the current team in my life, one I have been praying about for several years. I believe God has placed this team on my heart, and I hope one day soon to lead its work. I would ask two things of you concerning this team.

First, pray for the Bible study I have written to be published. I will use it as the main resource to teach this team. Second, visit my webpage to see if you would like to be part of this team.

The goal is to establish a network across the country, a group of women who have a strong desire to disciple other women.

The team will be composed of women who will be totally sold out to the call to make disciples of other women.

If you are interested in such a plan, please follow the instructions under Contagious Connection.

Thank you for following me on this journey. Keep being a faithful follower of Jesus, the One watching your every sacrifice.

For His Glory,


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