Building Successful Teams – Part III

TeamHopefully you are still with me on this journey with God keeping in mind that what God teaches us is meant to be shared with others. Next stop: the state of Texas.

A huge step for me, and I must say I felt very inadequate. It was just me – no team starting from scratch. This was a new convention and my assignment was to help women across the state to establish women’s ministry … that meant to organize a team and offer training, and to network those churches together. May I just say Texas is a big state. I still stand in awe of how God uses our past to prepare us for our future. If you recall from Part II, same assignment, but very larger scale, from about 40 churches to 2,000.

I want to pause here to answer a question that is often asked of me, “Did you get paid and were you on staff?” Doing ministry at the state level was my first time to receive a salary for doing ministry, but I’m sure you have discovered our God always provides what we need. Be encouraged and keep doing ministry.

First things first, Lord, how will I ever find a team?! I prayed, and God literally brought women right to my door step. I wish I had the space to tell you about each team member and how God caused our paths to cross. I know we would just have to give God a big AMEN. I still stand in amazement. God gave me a team of leaders from across the state. Here I was leading leaders, and God had big plans for each of them.

Now that I had my team we needed a plan. I would like to give you just a few steps you might consider when establishing such a team.

1. Create a plan together: I called a friend, Martha Lawley {} to assist us in a process called Master Planning. It was a hard three days’ work for my team, but well worth the time with a direction for the following ten years. This included needs, goals, roadblocks, and strengths. I would highly recommend this process of having another person lead the brainstorming session so you can join in the work.

2. Sharing the Plan: I think it might be beneficial for you to see part of what the outcome was of the meeting. Keep in mind your team and what might be your needs and goals.


  • Leadership Training:
    Multiplication of leadership through process of COACHING
    Ministry Re-start
  • What does a growing relationship with Christ look like?
    Establishing a personal quiet time and a time for personal Bible study
    There is an Expectation of change (transformation)
  • Ministry on a small budget


  • Awareness of making disciples/Process of discipleship
    Spiritual Giftedness
    Need to define the perspective of the Kingdom (Kingdom Perspective)
    Breaking down walls/barriers
    Sects (not just denominations)
    Cultural/Racial differences


  • Develop and maintain relationships with local churches
    Welcome call to new churches
    Follow-up welcome packet
    A more intentional way to build regional relational
    Prayer network
  • Develop and implement biblically based training for leaders
    Place Forum and regional topics online
  • Establish and maintain a healthy statewide leadership network
    Connecting churches with each other
    Offer opportunity for networking partnerships
  • Assist and encourage women to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose
    Newsletter article
    Spiritual giftedness tests
    Develop conf. or training on understanding God-given purpose

God did amazing things during the ten years I was with this team. Because we took the time to go before the Lord and ask and plan, He blessed. I’m happy to report that team is still going strong and under the leadership of an amazing woman.

Some of the women God moved out to fulfill His purpose in their lives and bring Him Glory. You might want to check out one of the team members that God has called to serve him in a new way. Mary Jo Sharp is founder of Confident Christianity Ministry and the author of two books Why Do You Believe That? & Resilient Faith {LifeWay Christian Resources}

Will you allow God to use you as He determines? Has He called you to lead and build teams? Is He leading you to serve on a team?

I hope you will look forward to Building Successful Teams – Part IV, my last post in this series and one I think will encourage you.

What a Mighty God we Serve!

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